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you and your internet friend video chat for the first time.

(this game was made in less then 24 hours using ren'py, and also has terrible acting. it was made as more of a test run then anything but I hope you enjoy none the less)

bloopers can be found here:



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This game I found to be very unique in the way it was made! It still gave me a creepy vibe when I played through all of it! and I just finished up a let's play on youtube of this awesome game! |

Very disturbing game :D

 great work

Neat stuff, I liked the idea.

I really liked this game :D

You can watch my german gameplay on my channel =)


Played your game, and it was a fun little experience. Hope you enjoy my video~


I enjoyed this so much :D I love cheesy acting. It wasn't that bad, really! And the whole thing just in general totally ruled. A great way to spend 15 minutes :D

Lumps Plays = pop-up commentary. Check it out!

I loved the game hope we can have more on future. Hope you guys enjoy my video ;)

Pretty good of a game. The acting and the "jumpscares" made it even more fun to record!


Could see a lot of potential in the game if it had more time to be made but it was pretty scary at times!

if you like Press X to Not Die or movies like Paranormal Activity then this is the game for you my friend. Skype goes wrong...goes sexual...SPIRITUAL I mean. this game was so much fun! can't wait to check out your future creations eyeless_artist! keep up the innovative game development!

the girl leaving is in room then i saw i doll its too scary and creepy too shit this is not simulator this is horror gameplay

This game was great, really enjoyed playing and would like to see more games like this! =] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7NnBi3FRg8

I enjoyed this and that's saying a lot because I'm typically unsatisfied by a lot of the horror games I play. Very well put together for less than 24 hours.


its too creepy to me i dont want to download it scary...):

I don't think its that creepy, if anything its just cheesy XD

dude you made game please the doll looks cute not like scary or creepy i got scared for that

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The game was surprisingly a lot of fun, and I liked the bad acting


I'm watching your lets play now and I am both dying of embarrassment and laughter. thank you so much for playing!

Thank you for making it, as I said it was really fun!

im gonna do a lets play on it...also im a voice actor...i work for free...send me an email to killarap4@gmail.com then we can talk in private :)